The Basics of SR22 Insurance

Do you know what SR22 insurance is or have been told that you need to file one? Sometimes, driving mistakes happen in our lives and for those that have to file a SR22, these documents can certify that the person filing has obtained auto insurance for their state. An SR22 is a form that should be filled by any insurance company with your state’s department of motor vehicles, or DMV. It provides a proof of current car insurance especially for those drivers who might have a suspended license or a license that is about to be expired from too many points based on a driving record.

Who is SR22 insurance coverage for?

To begin with, an SR22 is required for drivers to either keep or reinstate their driving privileges. Motorists who file for an SR22 on their insurance policies are usually made to maintain the SR22 for up to 1 to 3 years. Filing, depending on each states regulation is generally inexpensive though insurance companies will charge a fee on the SR22 insurance quotes. The amount of the fee can be anywhere from 25 dollars to 50 dollars. The reason for the fee is to insure that the driver is financially responsible for taking care of insurance. The SR22 filing will cause an increase of insurance rates because of the high risk of the driver. You can usually avoid the fees to file by submitting the form directly to the state yourself.

How will you know when you need this type of coverage?

Drivers will know if they are in need of SR22 insurance by a notification of a pending suspended license or one that is already suspended. Suspensions on your license can come into play with those that are high risk drivers. High risk drivers are defined as those that are negligent with driving, having a lot of speeding tickets, DUI’s and at-fault driving. Another way to get stuck filing an SR22 form is from having a lack of insurance to begin with.

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of having to file a SR22, there are some ways to get the form from your state to legally drive again. Contact your insurance company to see if you can file an SR22 or shop online to find the best SR22 insurance quotes. It is not very complicated and you don’t have to keep it forever. Once the required period is over, you can get regular insurance again.

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