Secrets of SR-22 Insurance

Secrets of SR-22 Insurance

The mysterious “SR-22” is simply proof to DMV that you have insurance.

An SR-22 is a vital tool often used by San Diego DUI attorneys who strive to make sure you continue to drive or to regain privileges.

An SR-22 is (normally electronic) notification by an insurance company to DMV you have auto liability insurance in effect which satisfies California’s required minimum insurance coverage.

San Diego County DUI Law Center recommends visiting John MacDonald Insurance at this website or calling 1 800 346-7370 for a free quote. You will not be disappointed. This is the best SR-22 company in California, pleasing many of San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller’s clients with money-saving, high-quality & time-sensitive service.

An SR-22 insurance notification is usually required by California for 3 years from the date that the original suspension would have ended.

John MacDonald’s fine staff can easily figure out the SR-22 filing period for you. That period can usually be determined: (1) by adding 5 months from the date you were given the “pink” DMV temporary license and no timely DMV hearing/stay was requested by your attorney, or (2) by adding 4 months from the date any DMV administrative hearing suspension begins after an adverse decision to you and your lawyer (assuming this is your first San Diego or California DUI without a refusal of the required blood or breath chemical test).

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